Another side of the story

Behind that all what is seen ,there is totally a different story about which none have any idea

Yes! There is an unsaid shade of the story.

Despite you at the same time sinking also smouldering intensely with-in ,oh my dear soul ,I applaud how beautifully you handle it all with fierce in eyes ,smile on those lips and stand tall dealing with all of it!

Be a master of a situation instead of being a slave.

Don’t put yourself in a state where you just bluntly start disagreeing those all just because your too afraid to accept.

Your non acceptance makes none of the changes,in fact the day when you have to face it you won’t be able to take it anymore,for the fact that its the reality which you couldn’t take .

Feel it all ,every minute inch, everything ,face it all so that you remember, what all you went through ,the way you felt things ,situations and then you once again re concile how brave your soul is and how strong it is going to be for further ages.